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We have gone a long way since we started the company 6 years ago. It has been a pleasant journey throughout as we team up and work on a day to day basis with international Experts from our field of expertise.

They have constantly renewed their trust and happily rose to all our challenges ranging from research and development, clinical studies, advisory board, training program and medical publishing.

We now host 4 titles in our Master Collection dedicated to Anatomy. This collection is truly a success so much so that our best sellers are now referred to by their cover color “the blue book, the grey book, etc.” I think it says a lot.

E2E is a team builder and obviously our clients are an essential part of our team.

We thank them for their trust on this journey.

Having the best answer to a question does not convert to success. On the other hand, we believe that asking our clients to help us design their project and their unique solutions is our answer to reach a successful outcome. Their achievements are testimony to this philosophy.

The brilliant scientific leadership driven by my associate, Patrick Trevidic, is gifting us with a very distinctive skill set. Together we have the ability to get creative, motivate, innovate and get things done. This defines our purpose.

Stéphanie Heavey, Founder & CEO, Expert2Expert
Patrick Trévidic, MD, Scientific Director, Expert2expert - Plastic Surgeon

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