Expert2Expert Medical Creative Lab

On demand imagery

Further to its image library, our agency can provide the Medical community with a tool which will allow it to obtain the exact image support it needs for any type of project.

From any given photo in our library or any external material brought by physicians themselves, the expert2expert Medical Creative Lab is able to produce a whole range of images

  • Medical imaging (scanners, MRI, ultrasound)
  • Drawings with and without legends
  • Medical illustrations
  • 2D-3D animations and images
  • Videos and video editing
  • Applications
  • Slide kits
Medical imaging of the face with drawing and legend

1. Procerus muscle, 2. Orbicularis oculi muscle, 3. Angular artery.

Medical imaging of the face with drawing and legend

1.Depressor anguli oris muscle, 2. Orbicularis oris muscle, 3. Depressor labii inferioris muscle, 4. Mentalis muscle, 5. Platysma muscle, 6. Facial artery.

Medical imaging of the arm with drawing and legend