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Anatomy & Filler Complications MCV5

“This book provides a concise reference summary of the majority of adverse events that one is likely to encounter in clinical practice.
There is an excellent, up to date look at the specialized filler anatomy of the face along with clear illustrations for rapid comprehension of the clinical significance of the facts.
We cover both the common and uncommon complications with an emphasis on clinical management, best practices, and prevention.
A useful reference volume for active clinical practice."
Claudio DeLorenzi, MD - Co-author of Anatomy and Filler Complications

Anatomy and botulinum toxin injections MCV1

“Our aim is to take the readers on a journey, starting from an anatomical base, then on to an aesthetic analysis of the targeted areas, and finally reaching the injection sites and their appropriate techniques.
Detailed studies about facial anatomy, as well as the understanding of fascial muscles dynamics will aid in improving your techniques” Fabio Ingallina, MD - Plastic Surgeon

Anatomy and volumising injections MCV2

“By performing serial dissections plane by plane, we have identified safe areas as well as potential hazards. This approach seemed necessary to determine the relationships between the various anatomical planes into which we inject fillers.
An essential part of this approach is a detailed analysis of the different fat compartments which play such an important part in age-related changes to the face” Philippe Garcia, MD - Plastic surgeon

Anatomy and hand medical rejuvenation MCV3

“The aim of this book is to ensure that the techniques addressed in the next chapters are described in sufficient detail to empower and educate the reader to carry them out instantaneously.
I hope that this publication will provide you with useful information to help you improve your hand rejuvenation techniques.” Marc Lefebvre-Vilardebo, MD - Vascular Surgeon, Phlebologist

Anatomy & Lip Enhancement MCV4

“When we look around, we may question some of the outcomes of lip injection. Is the problem one of shape, balance or movement, i.e. an aesthetic problem? Or is it a problem with the product or the technique?
These two years of work have provided insight into certain reasons for failure and complications but, above all, have allowed us to review a great deal of received wisdom to confirm or undermine various therapeutic principles.“ Patrick Trevidic, MD - Plastic surgeon - Scientific Director of E2e